Top AI and Machine Learning Books for Business Leaders

Top business leaders always reading to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. This article covers highly recommended AI and ML books for business leaders

  1. Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Handbook For Business Leaders

Applied Artificial Intelligence was selected as CES 2018 Top Technology Book of the Year and it is not without reason.

The book is the best practical guide for business leaders who are passionate about leveraging machine intelligence to enhance business productivity.

So, if you have been wondering how you can implement AI into your business to increase revenue or decrease costs, how to distinguish true value from AI hype, how to recruit AI talent, how to identify the best business cases for AI adoption, and evaluate opportunities, this is the book to provide you with the answers.

Not to bore you with lots of details, the author focuses on helping you drive concrete business decisions through applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The best part, it comprises many numerous examples of companies that have already successfully implemented AI strategies. I highly recommend it for any business executive looking to understand more about AI’s true value and potential applications in business. If that’s you, grab yourself a copy!

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business: A No-Nonsense Guide to Data-Driven Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business is a quick read that delivers a simple and concise introduction for both business people and managers.

You’ll like the way the book introduces artificial intelligence technology in a straightforward manner — complex AI terms and concepts, predictive analytics, statistics, and so on are clearly laid out in everyday language.

The book is well written, concise, and engaging and a perfect read for both technical and non-technical audiences alike. If you are a data scientist, the book teaches you how to frame your project properly, set the right expectations for success and how to effectively translate your business questions, and more

For non-technical business leaders looking to engage a data science team, this book will arm you with just the right level of understanding to understand and ‘talk’ the data language.

If you’re in business and are thinking of implementing AI systems, I strongly recommend that you grab a copy of this book. It will demystify the jargon, help improve your decisions, and maybe save you some money! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

3. AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

After thirty years of pioneering work in AI at Google China, Microsoft, Apple, and other companies, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is one of the most respected experts on AI. In this thought-provoking book, he reveals the race between the US and China, and that China has suddenly and rapidly caught up with the US.

Dr. Lee provides numerous real-world scenarios illustrating parallels and divergences, coupled with entertaining personal experiences. He talks about the rise of China’s tech giants such as Alibaba, WeChat, and many others digging deep into step by step of how each one succeeded. It’s what makes this one of the most important books for business leaders in the current AI era.

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Aren’t you curious already? AI Superpowers is a must-read for every leader who is serious about developing AI-driven products — gift yourself a copy.

4. Artificial Intelligence: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

The business world is no longer the same — have your business adapted?

AI and machine learning have reshaped and will continue to revolutionize business and society. Indisputably, organizations that don’t use AI will be obsolete sooner than they know it.

What should business leaders be doing to ensure that they are continually poised for success and keeping up with competitors in the digital era?

Artificial Intelligence: The Insights You Need from the Harvard Business Review guidebook will bring you up to speed and deepen your understanding of the business topics that are shaping the future.

The book is a collection of previously published articles by Tech Thought Leaders that provides a high-level overview of AI as seen through a practical business lens. It also explains a business leader’s most essential thinking on what AI is and isn’t, how it’s impacting organizations, the markets, the implications for business leaders — check it out.

5. The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World

Written by Pedro Domingos, a machine learning researcher and a professor at the University of Washington, The Master Algorithm presents a great history and review of machine learning and AI both for non-technical or non-expert readers.

The book will help you understand the many different types of approaches for data, algorithms, and intelligence, along with the benefits and limitations of the specific algorithmic approaches. Pedro uses a lot of real-world examples and analogies making the book a helpful read for people without a technical background.

Overall, the book is interesting and well worth having a read. If you are interested in the subject, go ahead and get the book, and like me, you will have a good read!

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning For Business

As you and I know, AI and machine learning are on a spike. If you are thinking about implementing AI and ML in your company but have no idea where to start, this book could probably be what you need to help you get endless ML possibilities and what you can achieve with them!

It’s not a long read and does not contain advanced programming examples, however, it’s a great resource on how you can operationalize AI and ML projects because it explains how to utilize ML tools and techniques with big data, as well as how to visualize a predictive model’s analytical results.

That being said, it’s suitable for ML engineers and managers that are looking to develop AI and ML projects to spur business growth as well as becoming prepared for the challenges that one might face with the technologies.

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7. AI for People and Business

There’s no denying that it’s becoming increasingly imperative for business leaders to understand AI and machine learning in order to build great data-centric business products and services.

Like its title, AI for People and Business is aimed at helping readers understand the many benefits of AI. It is, therefore, suitable for business executives, managers, and non-technical people who are interested in successfully leveraging AI within their companies. It’s also written for ML practitioners interested in business perspectives around AI. The book provides simplified frameworks and models to help you not only understand, but also explain complex AI concepts.

To download chapter 1 for free — go here!

8. Business Data Science: Combining Machine Learning and Economics to Optimize, Automate, and Accelerate Business Decisions

Business analytics and intelligence have changed and Data Scientists are taking over. So, if you need to understand and master the key aspects of business data science, then this book is a must-read.

It takes you through the steps you need to take to successfully implement business data science. Whether you are an engineer or business leader with a desire to go deep on data and learn how to apply ML in real-world business problems or solve data science problems, this book will come in handy.

9. Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications

As a business executive in marketing, how can you use the latest data science developments to your advantage?

The truth is data and analytics have become key stakes in contemporary marketing and data science is increasingly growing and evolving with new algorithms.

You can bring yourself up-to-date with this AI for marketing book. Like its title, the author Jim Sterne put it down specifically for marketing professionals. And no, the book will not teach you how to be a data scientist. It provides a tightly focused introduction to AI and machine learning, how they will revolutionize your company’s marketing strategy, and how you can use them more effectively.

Jim provides a history of AI in marketing and a fantastic foundation on the basics of machine learning for marketers. The book is also loaded with resources and use cases. You’ll like the way Jim gets into how data scientists think and how marketers can work more effectively with them. You’ll also love the discussion about ML tribes. What I liked about the book is how it connects together by demonstrating multi-disciplinary marketing and AI.

10. The Algorithmic Leader: How to Be Smart When Machines Are Smarter Than You

AI will continue to transform every aspect of daily life including the way we work. However, the question of whether we are prepared for what the future work environment means, comes up.

Mike Walsh is a relevant thought-leader and you’ll be eager to get his book on your hands.

The Algorithmic Leader Provides a practical guide for all leaders and organizations on how to survive and succeed in a disruptive era. By applying Walsh’s 10 core principles, every business leader will be able to design their own journey of personal transformation, chart a clear path for their team and business by harnessing the power of smart algorithms.

The Algorithmic Leader is a great book on advanced technology and leadership. Even better, the book is such motivation for you to do more with your life and career.

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